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We're a small interior and architectural design practice based in north London.


We specialise in turning tricky spaces into something really special – by adopting unique, creative, and innovative solutions ...and sometimes by dogged determination and sheer perseverance.


We play a very hands-on role throughout the design and build process. If we can build it ourselves – with our own hands – then we often will.

Winner of 2020 SBID International Design Excellence Award


(for “Woodside Loft” in “Residential, Budget up to £50k” category)


These awards are a pretty big deal on the global design scene.  Big-time international agencies compete on this stage. Think Zaha Hadid Architects and you’ll have the top-end covered.

Not only did we get an award, but also a rather charming special mention from the SBID’s then President:


“I am so moved by this creative revision of what normally would be an awkward space transforming it into a hip yet zen sculpture for living. Bravo!”


(Tom Marquardt, SBID President, posting on SBID’s official Facebook page)

Thank you, Tom! :-)


Rob Roncarati

For years I’ve run a design-related market research agency, but actually, I am a designer at heart.  It’s in my DNA.  So now I do this.


Finding solutions to design challenges is something that gives me great pleasure.


Good aesthetics and good design are very important to me.  But they should be important to everyone.  Seeing these and interacting with these makes the world a better place.


When it’s a design you'll have to live with, going the extra mile is nearly always worthwhile.  The payoff comes every time you interact with it ...over and over again …even if you don’t notice it at the time.


Good design makes you feel good.

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